5 Best Travelling A.P. by Kristin Smaby in UK

Travelling Affiliate Programs UK

  • Show and Stay

Show and Stay provides theater break services to clients – these include theatrical stage plays, accommodation and food. Here, affiliates are entitled to a 6% commission on all theater breaks and payment every two weeks. The site runs its affiliate program on Awin, with a 15-day cookie period.

  • Logi Travel

Logi Travel offers one of the best travel affiliate programs for flights, cars, ship cruises, tours, and holiday getaway packages. Affiliates get a 4% commission per cruise and a 6% commission on other deals. The company runs its affiliate program on Awin with cookie duration up to thirty days.

  • Hoppa

Hoppa is one of the top traveling affiliate websites with a 30-day cookie and a competitive commission rate. The company does not permit affiliate websites with offensive, profane, pornographic and extremely religious content.

  • Discount London

Discount London offers the best traveling packages to the top spots around the country. Products include tours, cruises, restaurants and visits to the palace for afternoon tea. Clients are fully escorted to the sightseeing tours. Publishers earn a commission of 5% to 20%

  • SECS London

SECS provides transportation services for special events, sightseeing and fun or business trips. Here, affiliates are entitled to at least 8% of each commission and incentives like voucher codes. The cookie time is thirty days

ProgramCommissionCookie Time
Show and Stay6%15 days
Logi Travel4% to 6%30 days
Hoppa 30 days
Discount London5% to 20% 
SECS London8%30 days

Show and Stay

6% commission per-theater break

Cookie is 15 days

Logi Travel

4% to 6% commission

Cookie is 30 days


Cookie is 30 days

Discount London

5% to 20% commission

SECS London

8% commission

Cookie is 30 days