5 Best Fashion A.P. by Kristin Smaby in UK

Best Affiliate Programs UK for Fashion

  • The Jewel Hut

The jewel hut is one of the top jewelry stores in the UK. the company runs an affiliate network through Awin, where publishers earn a fixed commission for every purchase made through referrals. There is a cookie period of thirty days.

  • Peacocks

Peacocks is a clothing store for men and women, girls and boys, including night and daytime wear. The company runs an affiliate program where publishers earn up to 6% on referral purchases. The customer links have a cookie period of thirty days.

  • Hobbs London

Hobbs is a women-wear store in the UK with bespoke dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. Affiliates will have free access to updated banners and links; publishers will also earn a 15% commission on net sales.

  • Yours Clothing

Yours Clothing is a retail store for plus-size ladies for a vast selection of ladies wear, including formal and informal pieces. The company runs its affiliate program through Awin, which has a thirty-day cookie period. Publishers earn a commission of 3% to 8% per sale.

  • LoveDrobe

LoveDrobe is another clothing store for plus size women offering unique and stand-out pieces. Affiliates are entitled to a 20% commission on each referral purchase. The cookie length in LoveDrobe is thirty days.

ProgramCommissionCookie Time
The Jewel Hut 30 days
Peacocks6%30 days
Hobbs London15% 
Yours Clothing3% to 8%30 days
LoveDrobe20%30 days

The Jewel Hut

  • Cookie is 30 days


  • 6% commission
  • Cookie is 30 days

Hobbs London

  • 15% net commission

Yours Clothing

  • 3% – 8% commission
  • Cookie is 30 days


  • 20% commission per sale
  • Cookie is 30 days