5 Best Fashion A.P. by Kristin Smaby in Australia

Australian Affiliate Program Directory for Fashion

  • Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is one of Australia’s top fashion brands with unique female wears that show taste. Publishers with the company earn 8% on every referred sale, tracked during the cookie period of thirty days.

  • Bodens Clothing

Boden is another top clothing brand in Australia for high-quality texture and stand-out pieces. Affiliates with the company are compensated with a 6% commission on every sale. Referral links are open for tracking within thirty days to credit the publisher.

  • Atomic Cherry

Atomic cherry is a retail store for selling male and female clothes, shoes, and accessories. The company runs an affiliate program where publishers earn a standard commission of 10% per sale with a thirty-day cookie period.

  • Daring Diva

Daring diva is a female wear retail store in Australia that sells outfits in sizes ranging from 14 to 28. Other products include handbags, jewelry and shoes.  Here, affiliates are entitled to a 10% commission on every sale they initiate and will be credited within the ninety-day cookie period.

  • Maternity Sale

Maternity sale is a clothing brand in Australia that specializes in pregnancy wears. Here, affiliates earn a 10.50% commission on every sale within a ninety-day cookie period.

  • Opposuits

   Opposuits is a men’s clothing store based in Australia that provides unique designs and statement pieces. The site runs an affiliate program where publishers earn a 10% commission on every sale. The referral link is tracked for payment within ninety days.

ProgramCommissionCookie Time
Pretty Little Thing8%30 days
Bodens Clothing6%30 days
Atomic Cherry10%30 days
Daring Diva10%90 days
Maternity Sale10.5%90 days
Opposuits10%90 days

Pretty Little Thing

  • 8% commission per sale
  • Cookie duration is 30 days

Bodens Clothing

  • 6% commission per sale
  • Cookie time is 30 days.

Atomic Cherry

  • 10% commission per sale
  • Cookie period is 30 days

Daring Diva

  • 10% commission per sale
  • Cookie duration is 90 days

Maternity Sale

  • 10.5% commission per sale
  • Cookie length is 90 days


  • 10% commission per sale                                                      
  • Cookie length is 90 days